Wines for 2012 season

$5 per person taste 5 samples(no glass)
$10 per person 8 samples (keep the glass)
or Have a glass of your favorite for $5.00

Fruit Wine Selections:


Made with fresh ripe home grown Minnesota apples. This is a sweet, crisp blend.


Our beet wine is made with sweet beets in a rich ruby semi sweet-wine.


Our blueberry wine is loaded with the flavor of ripe blueberries in an off-dry wine.


Tart fresh Chokecherries in a smooth off-dry wine.


Our cranberry wine is tart and crisp. You'll want Thanksgiving everyday!


An off-dry wine, just like grandma used to make.


Our plum wine is made from luscious ripe home grown plums, a semi-sweet wine.


Looks, Smells, and Tastes like Raspberries because it is!


The rhubarb wine is made with fresh picked red rhubarb that is hand harvested.

Blended Selections:

Berry Blend

A wonderful blend of the best summer berries, a semi-sweet wine.


A semi-sweet blend of tart cranberries and fresh sweet apples.


Red ripes cherries blended with crisp tart rhubarb, and off-dry  wine.

Gabrielle Rose

An off-dry wine with intense raspberry aroma and a subtle hint of blueberries.

Harvest Blend

This is a combination of fall apples, St. Croix grapes and lat summer plums.

Holiday Cheer

All your favorite holiday spices combined in a semi-sweet wine, serve hot or cold.

Orchard Blend

Sweet crisp pears blended with fresh apples, a semi-sweet blend.


Sweet crisp pears combined with luscious earthy beets, a semi-sweet wine.

Razzy Apple

A blend of Honey Crisp and Haralson apples and fresh picked raspberries.

Razzy Rhubarb

A refreshing glend of red ripe raspberries, crisp tart rhubarb in a semi-dry wine.


Tart crisp rhubarb and sweet beets in a deep rich blend.

Strawberry Rhubarb

Refreshing blend of red ripe strawberries, crisp tart rhubarb in a semi-sweet wine.

Summer Blend

Ripe strawberries, sweet pears, and Honey Crisp apples make this a refreshing blend.

Veronica Rose

Medium dry wine with pear overtones, the perfect balance of tart and sweet. A semi-sweet blend of tart cranberries and fresh sweet apples.

Grape Wine Selections: 


Light and semi-sweet, a perfect wine for evenings out on the porch.

Nowthen Red

A medium body dry red, hints of vanilla. Great with your favorite meal.

Nowthen White

A golden colored medium body, off-dry wine with hints of citrus fruits.

Red Hen

Lush ripe fruits, smooth and slightly acidic; a medium dry red wine.


A light red wine accented with fresh citrus and tropical fruit.

White Sangria

A light semi-sweet fun summer wine- lots of pineapple, peach, and apricot flavors.

Specialty Wine Selections:


Fruit forward blackberry aroma and flavor, an after dinner treat!

Cocoa Red

Cherry Cordial Dessert Wine, full bodied red with cherry and Amaretto notes.

Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine

Chocolate and raspberries- Do we need to say more?

Goose Lake Original Dessert Wine

Black raspberries, blueberries, cherries with vanilla and chocolate.

Lights Out

Caramel, vanilla, and white chocolate combine for a late night treat!

Peach Ice

Fresh sweet peaches in a glass!! Have fun with this one!

Orange Chocolate

Orange and chocolate are infused to create a wonderfully delightful mouth watering taste!


A rich smooth sherry wine, nice before, during, or after dessert.

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